At the far end of a listed Paris street, the billiard hall is particularly welcoming to real enthusiasts for the game.

From the beginner to the most experienced player, from lovers of French billiards to unconditional fans of the American game, everyone can relax and enjoy themselves under filtered light, even during the day.


An essential address


The Shoot Again has become the essential address of the district and the surrounding area. 

The intimate atmosphere created by the decor evokes an English pub and a theatre (dark wood, velvet…), with soft warm lighting, small circular tables, high stools around the bar, the level of service, the prices and the quality of the billiards all making this hall a very special place.


Strict dress code

The clientele is filtered at the door to ensure they are appropriate to the style of the establishment. 




Fashionable and elegant young men and women show off the best Paris city styles.

They all feel part of the same tribe so that they adapt themselves naturally to the calm, elegant atmosphere of a timeless, classically perfect place.