At the heart of a residential area, served by several metro lines, buses and the RER, the 400 square metres space of Shoot Again Paris can accommodate up to 120 people.

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We are placing The Shoot Again at your disposal !

Whether you come to play or enjoy the atmosphere, the Shoot Again can take care of organising your evenings or you can hire the club to shoot films, videos or clips…

Whatever you have chosen, the ordinary menu (aperitifs, liqueurs, champagne, beers, cocktails…) can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Whatever your priorities, the Shoot Again offers you the solution appropriate to you and to your budget.

The strengths of your company

The Shoot Again is different, spacious and friendly, and can boast of special strengths.


SIts long record means you can rely on experience, know-how, reliability, the siteís success and the ownerís reputation. The main attractions based around billiards guarantee that many tables are available for you (American or French billiards), all perfectly maintained for an incomparable quality of play under special lighting. Everything is cocooned in a magical atmosphere where each client is granted a special welcome and constant attention.